ELF Essential Lipstick Swatches

I have fallen in love with lip colors! Tinted balms, lip glosses, lipsticks……I’m just loving it all!

Now I’m not exactly a professional so I just wanted some affordable, nice quality lippies that I could practice with and possibly wear daily. Something creamy, slightly moisturizing and not too matte. My search led me to ELF’s Essential line of lipsticks. I’ve seen countless nice reviews and looked through so many lovely swatches. I liked them all!

I just had to indulge! Plus they’re only $1! So what could I really lose, right?

I haven’t worn any yet but I think I like these beauties! They are soft, creamy, and moisturizing. They go on very smooth and are very pigmented. They have a slight cherry smell. It’s not overbearing. I personally don’t like it but it doesn’t bother me. The packaging is cheap but not too bad. Definitely feels like it can’t take any major impacts and one of the caps did manage to slip off in my train case. Not a big deal for a buck though!

The only drawback I can see from these lippies are that they may be too creamy. I’m sure in a pretty humid setting they could possibly melt or even break if you’re too heavy handed. The creaminess also might cause the pigment to migrate and the wear time probably won’t be long.

I’ll be checking them out soon for a full review! In the meantime, check out the swatches!

Without Flash:

From L-R: Fantasy, Gypsy, Captivating, Classy, Voodoo, Charming, Seductive, Posh

With Flash:


13 thoughts on “ELF Essential Lipstick Swatches

      • Do it!!!!
        I loved it, and I didn’t except much to be honest when I ordered it. And I re-order it, so I can have a back up. First time I wore it out today, and hear lots of compliments, when usually no mention to my lipsticks is done 🙂

  1. Great Post I love your blog, very girly all things fashion and beauty as you say. ELF is the new Wet n Wild in my opinion good makeup at a low price but you can’t beat the quality great jog.

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