Icing Accessories Haul!

Aside from being a potential makeup hoarder I also have an extreme accessories fetish. Bags, shoes, scarves, jewelry. I love it ALL!


Recently, I made a stop in Icing and noticed some of the cutest jewelry!

After narrowing down quite a bit (I got a little beside myself!) I decided on a 4 pairs of studs, a pearl necklace, faux leather bracelet and a pair of feather earrings.


I absolutely LOVE the necklace! It’s gorgeous! It has large cream pearls with small gold chains draping from them. The necklace is held together by an adorable taupe ribbon that ties beautifully behind your neck. I paid around $9 for it!


These feather earrings give me life! They are sooo long, elegant and gorgeous! The long white feathers hang beautifully from silver chains adorned with small medallions attached to large silver hoops. They appear heavy but are pretty light! I picked these up for $12.50.


Who can resist 3 pairs of earrings in 1 pack?! Obviously not me! For $9.50 these beauties were a steal! The set comes with a pair of simple yet cute crystal studs, a pair of pearls and a pair of silver tone rose shaped studs.


These earrings are extremely stunning! The earrings are large, round dot shaped studs with a dark metallic gold and black snakeskin design. Super jazzy! I snagged these for $8.50


Last but not least, the leatherette owl cuff! The owl pendant and stitching is what caught my eye. I’m a lover of earth tones and this bracelet would go nice with quite a lot in my closet! Plus it was on sale for $5.25!

I’ll be visiting Icing more often! ^_^

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