If Beautylish was a radio station I would be a long time listener, first time caller today! I finally decided to join the fabulous beauty community and stop lurking! This site has loads of information on all things beauty: hair, makeup, fashion, nails, skin care,  you name it! Beautylish features fun, cute articles, a forum, review section, and photo section! It’s the perfect to place to link up with other beauty fanatics and share photos, advice, and more!

If you aren’t already familiar with the site, give it a go! It’s great fun! If you’re already Beautylishing on the regular, check out my profile! Don’t forget to link yours in the comments below so I can check you out and follow!


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  1. A secret to keeping the decorative balls intact is to use a good, clear topcoat over the balls.
    Click here to see the entire collection from Kim,
    Khloe, Kris, Kylie and Kendall. However the back of the package was basically a
    ‘what you can do’, and I figured since they added little star stickers on the nails
    on the back of the package that inside of the package I
    would find these same little star stickers, and small green and white swoosh stickies.

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