Sedona Lace Warm 88 Palette Review

Remember that fabulous Sedona Lace palette I swatched a little while ago? Well I’ve been experimenting with it and so far I like it!


As you know, this palette features 88 neutral eyeshadows making it a fabulous palette to have for soft day time looks or smokey night looks!

The shadows are housed in a small, flat black shiny plastic casing that gently folds open. The packaging is chic and absolutely perfect for traveling! What I don’t like is that it does feel a little flimsy when open and that it is a fingerprint magnet! The shiny texture does attract a little dirt as well. It’s pretty easy to wipe clean though so it’s no big deal!


The shadows in this palette are pretty good quality. Most of the mattes are chalky and have some fall out but that’s to be expected. The more frosty colors are the super stars of this palette! They’re velvety smooth and are very pigmented whether applied wet or dry!

Most of the shades are pretty pigmented. I haven’t came across a shade that just didn’t show up. A lot of colors are a little redundant but the palette is still a nice buy! I don’t have too many issues with fading or creasing even when I don’t use foundation or primer (something I find myself doing much too often smh!). I can apply before work and still come home with my shadows in tact and looking fairly fresh! I’m sure if it’s used with a primer it would yield much better results!

Here are a couple looks I did using this palette:





You can find this palette on ebay for under $20 usually sans the Sedona Lace branding but its still the same palette! Don’t worry! This palette was a great addition to my collection! Whenever I stay the night at my parents’ house, this is the palette I pack! It has all the earth tone colors I use on a regular basis and is also perfect for some dark, daring looks for a night out. I would totally recommend!


9 thoughts on “Sedona Lace Warm 88 Palette Review

  1. i love the first look 🙂 been going back and forth online if i should get an 88 warm palette (not Sedona but i concur they’re all the same)… we just can’t have enough neutrals! 😀

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