Loving my Bag!


I’ve had this bag for a few months now and cannot put it down! It’s definitely one of my favorites. It makes me want even more Juicy Couture bags! I love the color scheme the most because I’m almost always in browns and golds or other earth tones. If I don’t want to change bags I totally don’t have to and I love it!


I also love how big and spacious it is. I can fit my makeup pouch, wallet, ipod, phone, umbrella………whatever inside! I’m so small but I absolutely adore large bags. I love being able to haul practically whatever I want. Plus it has two side pockets and a zipper pocket to keep my glosses and other small items in place.


I also love the detailing of this bag. The brown leather trim was a really nice touch and I just can’t get enough of the gold chain handles! They’re so haute and gorgeous! This bag is such a winner!

4 thoughts on “Loving my Bag!

  1. I love Juicy Couture bags! They’re just so pretty! I have a purple and gold one, and I am in love with it! I’m also a small girl who loves big bags! Haha!

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