Missing the Mark at the MTV Movie Awards

Yesterday I showed you guys my favorite looks at the MTV Movie Awards but, of course, I didn’t admire everyone’s fashion choices for the big night. These looks were either just all wrong or missed the mark by just a little bit.


I’m a huge Harry Potter fan but there is absolutely nothing magical about Emma Watson in this multi colored patterned Brood dress. I don’t like one thing about this dress. It just clashes everywhere. The shapes of the blue addition look awkward and I don’t like the black lining either. Emma is so beautiful and talented but I want to shoot that dress……dead.


Ciara’s legs look heavenly but this dress looks to small, badly tailored and cheap. It didn’t do it at all for me. And to make matters worse, she ruined an effortlessly sexy hairstyle with that wrong shade of blonde. It’s much too light for her and washes out her complexion. I’m not sure what was going on in her dressing room to deliver this disappointment. I’ve definitely seen her look better!


Janelle Monae is just about the cutest thing I ever did see but she looks like a Mormon or Jew (no offense whatsoever) in this get up. I think it’s the long blazer and hat combination. Had she ditched the hat and opted for a shorter sharp cut blazer I think she would have rocked the red carpet!


I hate to do this to Emma Stone. Really I do. I LOVE the top half of this gown but that bunchy bottom ruined it for her. It swallowed up her cute petite frame and made her look so bottom heavy. This Martin Grant, gown just wasn’t flattering on her and made her look much older.

What did you think about the celeb fashion at the MTV Movie Awards this year?

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