Check out this awesome giveaway Fancies!

Nata Vyshnivska

My blog is 1 year!

So I would like to donate one of my readers with a little gift – Lip Balm Cocoa Butter by Cococare (I use the same and very happy with it), Jordana lipcolor in shade Pink Lemonade, NYX nail polish in neon orange color and nail files in cupcakes print.

To receive this gift you need:

1. Follow my blog on Bloglovin.

2. Publish to any social networks (FaceBook, Twitter, Одноклассники, ВКонтакте, Google+) about this giveaway and with a link to this post (

3. Comment here with a link to your post in the social network where you wrote about giveaway in my blog, and also write your name in the social network – it will be easier to tell you about the winning.

4. If you wrote about this giveaway in several social networks, then your chances of getting a gift is increasing.

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