My Very First Giveaway!

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I’ve only been around just 3 short months but you lovelies have shown me more than enough love and made me really feel welcomed into the world of beauty bloggers! Not to mention that so many of your are incredibly inspiring! As a little thank you for checking me out and making my first few months so successful I decided to giveaway some goodies! I seen this Spring palette and nail polish set on Elf and just fell in love with it! I thought it would be the perfect gifts. A little too perfect actually because I almost kept them both for myself lol. I’m probably going to order my own sets (SMH).

The rules for this giveaway are very simple!

1. You must be subscribed to my blog. Even if you are following me via I still need you to drop your email in that little box to your right. ^_^

2. You must head over to myand click the Like button.

3. Share this giveaway! I don’t really care how you do it I just want as many entries as possible. I’m a little excited here lol. You can reblog, tweet, facebook, google plus, etc. Go share crazy!

Happy entering and good luck! The giveaway will end Tuesday, June 19 at 11:59 p.m. ^_^


One thought on “My Very First Giveaway!

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