Falsies Haul


They say too much of a good thing can kill you. Well I must be dead and in heaven because I have way too many falsies and I’m LOVING it! So much so, that even after I ordered a nice 10 pack of falsies I picked up 4 more pairs. A little crazy but whatever. I’m the ultimate girly girl so how could I not be obsessed with long fluttery lashes?


These were just super cute and a real steal at $2 a piece. No way I could have left them in the store! I spotted these cuties at Forever 21 while I was supposed to be just grabbing a skirt. The little makeup stand caught my wandering eye. It was just TOO cute! I didn’t know they offered so many products in their Love & Beauty line but things didn’t look too bad!


I also wasn’t aware that Katy Perry had a lash line with Eylure either! I’m not sure if it’s exclusive or anything but these caught my eye when I popped into Claire’s. They were around $9 and appear to be very worth it. Her lashes are absolutely gorgeous! She had a couple other styles I wouldn’t mind trying too. I can’t wait to try them out!

What types of falsies do you like?

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