The Key to the Softest Lips Ever


Exfoliating your kissers are a great way to get baby soft lips but sometimes you won’t always have the time, ingredients or a scrub to slough off that dead skin. For times like those just grab that trusty jar of Vaseline! Petroleum jelly is known to be super hydrating and locks in moisture. The second I apply it my lips instantly feel softer and all the fine line and dead skin just seems to melt away. For the very best results, I apply it at night. I wake up in the morning to the most soft kissable lips. No need to last minute scrub with my washcloth or toothbrush to wear a super hot bright lipstick! So the next time you’re in an exfoliating pinch give this a try! Be sure to let me know how luscious your lips feel after you’ve tried it!

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