Day 1: Inventory of the Makeup & Tools I Own


Let’s kick this makeup challenge off! Here is the bulk of my makeup. Everything is separated into different containers according to categories. As of right now I have three storage containers inside my top drawer of my plastic storage case in my bathroom.


The first container holds my face products like foundations, concealers and powders. The second one contains my blushes and bronzers. My eye pencils, remover, shadow, and other eye makeup goes in the next bin. And finally my lippie products are tossed in the last bin.


The second drawer is dedicated to the palettes I own.  When I first got into makeup palettes were my thing.  They still are but I’ve calmed down a bit on buying so many. I have a pretty nice range of palettes in here from drugstore finds like Revlon and NYX to higher end lines like Urban Decay.


The picture on the left is the stash I carry around in my small leopard train case my brother got me for my birthday. I love that thing! I carry it on short trips and vacations so it’s not fully loaded but I have a nice variety of foundations, lippies and more to choose from.

To the right is my go to bag for when I’m at my parents house. This is where I keep my main concealers, lippies, tweezers and more. I live out of this bag during my work days.


In my counter drawer I keep my brushes. I haven’t been at my apartment much but this is what’s chilling there now. I’m planning on moving these to pretty cups filled with beads or coffee beans soon!


The rest of my brushes are here in my travel case that I just recently got from Elf along with the new set of brushes (on the right) that I haven’t really used yet. The brushes on the left are a mix of Sonia Kashuk, Elf and Sedona Lace. I love them all!


Lastly, this is just the random stuff I have lying around my parents house. Everything minus the NYX Soho Glam Collection palette is new. That’s it I believe. Whew!

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