The Great Makeup Investment


It’s just an empty palette but you just don’t know how amazing an empty palette can be! I ordered this a little while ago but I totally couldn’t skip out on posting about it because it’s that awesome.


This is the large sized magnetic Z palette. It allows you to customize your palette to look the way you want it to. Metal pans stick right to it with no problem. Got some non magnetic pans? Not a problem! When you order online from the Z Palette Store you get a pack of magnetic stickers to help them fit right in with the rest of your collection. This baby has me ready to depot all types of stuff! I’m sure I’ll be ordering another soon but it’s totally worth it! If you’re thinking about ordering one of these beauties try using the code ZPAL10 at checkout for 10% off. I’m not sure if it still works but it’s worth a try! Happy shopping!


2 thoughts on “The Great Makeup Investment

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