New Brushes!


I found an amazing blog sale a couple weeks with super cheap brushes. And nice brushes too! I had my eye on two Sigma brushes but one of them got sold so I ended up grabbing these 4 little Mac brushes instead. These brushes were a steal at $30 including shipping! They’re super soft and appear to be in pretty good condition.

Here’s a closer look at the brushes:


Sigma 187 – I can’t wait to try this with my foundation! I hear this brush gives a flawless finish.


Mac 275 – This brush looks like it’ll be perfect for shadows. Probably would make a good crease brush since it’s so fluffy.


Mac 194 – This looks like the perfect concealer brush! The point looks like it should work well around the brow and that pesky inner eye areas.


Mac 209 – I’m not much into lip brushes but I’m totally interested in doing lippie designs so maybe a good brush will push me to finally learn lol


Mac 168 – I’ve been itching to try an angled blush/contour brush so I’m super excited about this one! Plus the small handle looks like it’ll be so easy to get a nice precise application.

I can’t wait to get these washed and try them out! I really needed some non Elf brushes in my collection lol


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