Trying out Red Cherry!


Recently, I did a nice little Red Cherry haul over at Madame Madeline and I’ve already started trying them on! I was really excited to finally try some for myself so I couldn’t really wait to crack one of these babies open. At first, I couldn’t decide which set to open first but I ended up opening the most natural looking pair which happened to be #507. I didn’t notice online that these pair weren’t made of human hair so I was a little skeptical about how I’d like them on.


Turns out, I actually LOVE these! They’re very light and look very natural. The hairs weren’t stiff or shiny looking like I thought they’d be and they’re very comfortable. What I really like so far about Red Cherry overall is how light and thin the bands are. Thinner bands help make your falsies look much more natural when your eyes are closed or you’re looking down. These are perfect for day time and I think they’ll look great with night time looks too! This was totally $2 well spent!


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