Elf Spring Warm Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

I’m sooo late but I still wanted to share this palette with you ladies because I’ve been using it for a little while and I actually like it! I first bought one of these to giveaway to one of you Fancies but once I seen it in person I was all over it. I just had to have it! So when Elf discounted their spring collection I decided to grab one for myself. I didn’t really need any new shadows but this palette is mostly matte and I just LOVE matte shadows!


The color selection of this palette is what really drew me in! I love the different pinks, golds and browns. Three of my favorite colors when it comes to makeup! I’m a pretty big fan of Elf’s makeup but I was a little leery of this palette at first because their shadows can be a bit hit or  miss. Sometimes the formula isn’t very consistent throughout their palettes so I’m hoping this one will be different. So far, I’m finding it pretty nice quality. As you can tell from the random swatches above, some of these shadows are very pigmented! I’m going to be sure to update you guys with some looks and a review soon!

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