Sleek Pumpkin Blush by 3 Palette Swatches

You guys just don’t know how excited I was when I found out how cheap Sleek’s international shipping was. I could finally get my hands on those super cute and very affordable Blush by 3 palettes! I behaved myself when I placed my first order by only ordering one but I’m already itching to buy more. These palettes are perfect!

It’s small and, well, Sleek! It comes in a small plastic black casing that is perfect for travel. You can easily toss it in your purse for emergency blush situations. Inside you’ll find a nice sized mirror and three beautifully vibrant blushes. I definitely have to give Sleek their props. These blushes really do look fantastic in the pan. Sleek knows blushes!

I wasn’t sure which palette to pick first between Lace and Pumpkin but I settled on Pumpkin since fall was approaching and the shades were slightly darker. I’m so glad I did because this palette is absolutely gorgeous! It includes three very nice sized blushes. Sleek’s full sized blushes are 8g and these pans are 6.5 so you’re definitely getting a great deal here. Pumpkin comes with:

  • Lantern: reddish, orange shimmery
  • Squash: warm toned matte pink
  • P Pie: bright matte orange

The color payoff of this palette is simply amazing! With just one swipe I got loads of color no problem. They didn’t feel gritty or chalky either. I’ve always heard nice things about their eyeshadows but ladies are always raving about Sleek’s blushes and now I see why! They’re very good quality to be so cheap. This palette only costs $12.50! Definitely worth it! I’ve already started using this lovely palette so stay tuned for the full review. (:


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