Influenster Relaunch!

It’s been quite some time since I’ve received my first vox box from Influenster but I’ve been itching to get selected for another one ever since! If you haven’t heard, Influenster is a completely free site that rewards you for your internet influence. It’s sort of like Klout a bit.

Rather than scoring one or two items, Influenster sends qualifying ladies a box of 5-6 FULL SIZED goodies! Yes, full sized! Before, Influenster would randomly select vox box participants based on the badges they unlocked. You might get selected for a box or you might not. But not anymore! Influenster has relaunched its site and revamped the vox box program too!

Rather than using badge amounts to determine vox box participants they’ve added a point system. Now, instead of just unlocking a badge you’ll have to complete tasks for them too to increase your badge score. As your badge scores increase your overall score increases qualifying you for more programs.

In honor of the new site, Influenster is offering a relaunch program where you’ll get the Influenster Relaunch brand badge and a chance to win the grand prize vox box with 30 full sized goodies inside. They will also be selecting100 ladies to receive a previous vox box! I’ve been unlocking badges and completing tasks like crazy to try to snag one. I think the site is operating by invite only right now so if you’d like an invite drop your email below!


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