My Glam vs Birchbox Showdown (Pic Heavy)

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For months I’ve been on the fence about joining My Glam (now called Ipsy) but kept deciding against it because I had finally signed up for Birchbox. I’ve been pretty pleased with Birchbox so far but some months are much less impressive than others. I’m always receiving some type of skin care or perfume samples from Birchbox but I’m more interested in trying new makeup so I hopped on over to the My Glam side! Now, both of my packages have arrived and it’s time for an October showdown!

We’ll start with My Glam since it’s fairly new to me and the excitement is still there lol. This month’s bag was AMAZING! I couldn’t have signed up at a better time. The theme for this month was Bombshell and boy did they hit it right on the nail! My bag contained all the essentials to achieve that 1950s sexy pinup look. Here’s what came inside:

  • Coastal Scents mini eyeshadow quad
  • Couture Color Pequi Oil Treatment
  • The Balm What’s Your Type? Body Builder Mascara
  • Be a Bombshell liquid eyeliner pen
  • Mirenesse Lip Bomb in #2

Now let’s take a peek at what I received in my Birchbox this month. This month Birchbox teamed up with Goop, a fashion site. I was expecting a spectacular box because Birchbox partnerships always turn out to be pretty good. Unfortunately, this box was a total dud. I was only excited about the skin care items. This month’s box included:

  • Embryolisse 24 Hour Miracle Cream
  • Lulu Organics Lavender + Clary Sage Hair Powder
  • Karuna Hydrating Treatment Masks
  • Naked Princess Naked Shine Luscious Lip Gloss
  • Luna Lemon Zest bar

Seriously, this box sucked. I was pleased to get the masks and 24 hour cream though. I’ve been itching to try a face mask and the cream supposedly moisturizers and removes makeup too! But other than that……..BLEH. I would have been excited about the lip gloss but the sample was SERIOUSLY tiny and it’s very sheer.

I like the color but it’s just too sheer and not enough product for it to be useful. I much more prefer the lippie that came from My Glam. Not only was it full sized but it’s crazy pigmented. I don’t wear red too much but this Mirenesse lip bomb is just beautiful!

The Verdict: The winner here is obviously My Glam by a landslide! The products were WAY better and gave me more bang for my buck. I like Birchbox but I wish they included more makeup goodies and bigger samples. This month has me considering canceling altogether and just sticking with My Glam. What do you think ladies?


11 thoughts on “My Glam vs Birchbox Showdown (Pic Heavy)

  1. I was a birchbox subscriber. I HATED my first box, and had a complete WTF moment when I opened my second one. The samples seem like items I could get free samples of on my own, just by walking into the store or visiting a suppliers site. Not worth it. Cancelled, and I’m not looking back.

    I AM however intrigued by My Glam Bag. I’ve seen a lot of great and not so great reviews on YouTube. But more good than bad.

    • I’m considering canceling as well. I completely agree that it’s not really worth the money. Especially if I’m receiving regular sized samples I could have picked up myself. After getting a little taste of my glam I’ll probably be canceling soon lol. Thanks for reading!

  2. I’m not a fan of the birch boxes. I hate samples. Why pay $10 a month for stuff that isn’t that exciting. Try diva doll style boxes

  3. Your “My Glam” is amazing! Too bad it isn’t available above the border. I totally agree with your Birchbox being a dud. As soon as I saw the picture of it, I was disappointed for you! I recently got my first Topbox (a Canadian beauty box) and unfortunately after a 6 month wait, my first box was a bit of a dud as well. No wow factor. Ah well, may November be a better month for Topbox and Birchbox…and may Ipsy keep doing exactly what it is doing! lol

    • Oh wow! I’m sorry your Topbox was disappointing too. Looks like we may be canceling together LOL. I hate that these companies have these massive waitlist and tons of users but still can’t afford to put quality products inside of these boxes. I just don’t get it

  4. Great comparison post!

    As you read (, I experienced the same disappointment with my Birchbox this month (the same box you received). Compared to my GlossyBox for the month, Birchbox was blown out of the water! I’ve been looking into signing up for Ispy and your post is definitely pushing me in that direction. Don’t be surprised if when you read my reviews for November you see an Ipsy review instead of a Birchbox review. I’ve had it with them and their skimpy samples.

    Fabulous job, again! I’m so happy I decided to follow you, Fancie. Loving your posts!

    • First, I’m so glad you followed because I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I just had to subscribe lol. I feel so bad that anyone got this box. It was awful lol. But don’t be surprised if I pop up with a Glossybox subscription. Your box looks amazing!!

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