Coastal Scents Black Friday Haul Part One

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I wish I would have posted this before the sale ended because boy was it awesome! If you didn’t know (my deepest apologies!) Coastal scents had an AMAZING Black Friday sale. Everything on the site was half off! This is just part one of my haul because I doubled back and made another order lol. I just couldn’t resist! On a regular basis their products are pretty cheap so half off of everything was just insane. So insane that the site continuously crashed throughout the sale. It went down so much that Coastal Scents had to extend the sale an additional two days! It was supposed to end Monday but didn’t end until today at 9 a.m. I didn’t know whether to be disappointed or excited about the site drama and sale extension because I just knew I would be placing another order and of course I did. Shame on me!

Both of my orders were strictly brushes. I have more than enough palettes so I skipped on the makeup. I honestly have a ton of brushes but I’m trying to start freelancing soon so I thought this would be a nice time to stock up on some extra brushes. My first order was pretty small and definitely cheap. I started off with just 4 brushes. Which only cost me $9.50 including shipping! Such an excellent deal since these brushes are crazy soft.

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First, I grabbed the Classic Angled Liner brush. I bought a bent angled liner brush a while ago from Elf but I lost it and was dying to buy another. I couldn’t be happier that I caught this sale because this brush was only $0.98! It has synthetic bristles so it should be perfect with my gel and cream liners. Even though it’s really soft it still feels stiff enough to create the perfect steady line.


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Next, I decided to grab a couple of eyeshadow blending brushes. A girl can never have too many blending brushes right?? I started off with the Classic Blender Crease brush. It’s your typical small round crease brush that’s great at blending harsh lines and even concealer. It’s fairly small so it should work perfect for me. The bristles are synthetic but I swear you couldn’t tell! It’s as soft as a baby’s bottom!


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The other blending brush I picked up was this Classic Blender brush. It’s not the type of blending brush that I’m used to but I think I’ll like it anyway. It looks like it can double as an awesome lid brush as well. This brush has natural bristles so it should pick up pigments perfectly. Plus it’s very soft and very fluffy. I can’t wait to try it!


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This was the last one that I picked out but it’s the brush I wanted the most! I’ve been searching high and low for an affordable small buffer brush for contouring. I enjoy using an angled brush but they’re a bit too big for my face and it makes blending a chore sometimes. It’s the Classic Small Buffer brush with natural bristles. This brush is definitely a bigger than how it looks online but it still fits into the contour of my cheeks very well. Plus it’s incredibly dense and very soft! I kind of wish I would have grabbed the synthetic version as well. I think this brush would work nicely for buffing out foundation too!


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Included in my order were these freebies! Yes, Coastal Scents had an awesome sale and threw in some freebies! I got this really cute I love makeup bumper sticker which totally sums up my entire life right now lol. I also received a nice mini eyeshadow quad. I thought it was a really nice addition to an already nice treat.

I don’t think I could have gotten a better deal! Although it took hours to finally place my order it was totally worth it. Not only did I get these great quality brushes for super cheap but I received them insanely fast! I started shopping Friday afternoon but I wasn’t able to checkout until almost 4 a.m. Saturday morning. Somehow, I was still able to receive my brushes Monday evening. And I only paid $3 for shipping! I can’t wait to start testing these beauties out!


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