$2 Birchbox Haul!

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After yet another horrible box last month, I noticed things were starting to get really ugly so I jumped ship. Before I left, I decided to cash out my Birchbox points and grab something out of the shop. The Birchbox shop is soo much limited than I expected to be so I had no idea what I was going to grab until I seen the most awesome mascara in the world! I just love me some Benefit They’re Real! I’m totally horrible for not reviewing this mascara yet because it is absolutely THE BEST MASCARA EVER!! Okay, maybe not the absolute best but I really, really like it. It makes my lashes look amazing!

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I had enough points to redeem $20 in the Birchbox shop! Plus, the shipping was free so instead of paying $22 I only paid $2. Such a steal! For you ladies still subscribed to Birchbox don’t forget to review the samples you receive every month for points! For each review you complete you receive 10 points to shop in the Birchbox. After 100 points you get $10 to go wild! I wish I would have known this sooner or else I would have racked up a TON more points and snagged two of these. Or maybe a bottle of perfume!


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