Sephora Holiday Haul Part One

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It’s going to be a very Merry Christmas for me! I’ve been hauling for myself like crazy! Sounds a little selfish, I know. But I’ve had a long, hard year and I feel like I totally deserve a few treats! Last week, I received a holiday gift card in my inbox from Sephora for $15 off my next $50 purchase. I just love being a Beauty Insider! If you’ve been signed up for the Beauty Insider program since November 23rd you should have received your holiday gift card as well! BI’s get $15 off and VIB’s get $20 off to spend until December 10th. I got mine last week and I spent the same day I got my hands on it lol!

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I was considering getting the Naked 2 palette but I kept hearing about how fabulous Lorac eyeshadows are from the ladies in this Facebook makeup group I joined. So I decided against it and opted for the Lorac Eye Candy Full Face Collection instead. For $50 I could have gotten another 12 neutral eyeshadows similar to the ones in my original Naked palette or I could snag 16 neutral eyeshadows, 4 lip and cheek creams and 4 cream eyeliners. Lorac was definitely the clear winner here! Plus the packaging of this collection is way too adorable to pass up on! The collection includes six palettes packaged like candy bars in a big golden tin with a ribbon. Simply gorgeous!

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Along with the Lorac collection, I was able to snag a bag chock full of samples! Sephora has been running a promotion of It Kit bags all with different themes. There were 3 to choose from that you could receive for free with a purchase of $25. Of course, I had to add one to my cart! I picked the Lasting Impression bag which was filled a with a couple perfume samples, a deluxe size setting spray sample and an array of cleansers, primers and moisturizers. It was a pretty impressive bag! I’m kind of miffed they’re out of stock now because I totally want another!

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