Elf Studio Angled Blush Brush Review

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I have quite the obsession with angled cheek brushes these days! Who can blame me? They’re great for just about everything! Highlighter, bronzer, contour, blush, everything! So when Elf finally released their version a few months ago I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one. I’ve had a pretty nice track record with Elf’s Studio line brushes so I was pretty sure I’d love it. And I most certainly do!

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Elf has done a pretty bang up job on this brush! The brush head is small making it the perfect size for smaller cheeks like mine. The bristles are synthetic of course. Elf takes pride in making eco-friendly products. Something I totally appreciate these days! But you certainly won’t have to compromise for quality here. They’re still insanely soft as if the brush was made of natural hair. I also love that this brush doesn’t shed much at all. I’ve washed it a few times and lost maybe one or two hairs in the process. Extremely great quality!

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Another awesome thing about this brush is that it’s very dense! As I mentioned earlier the brush head is small but the bristles are super packed in there. It feels incredibly lush against my skin! Even though it’s synthetic, it’s so incredibly dense that it still picks up pigment very well. I have no problem using it to apply my contour, highlight or blush. It works well with both pigmented and more sheer formulas. It’s one of the best cheek brushes I’ve ever used! I totally recommend heading over to Elf and scooping this baby up!



4 thoughts on “Elf Studio Angled Blush Brush Review

  1. I haven’t tried it yet, but all the brushes I have tried from ELF are amazing and especially when we look at their price!
    I think I m picking it up at my next order, together with some goodies I want to restock!

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