Benefit Coral my World Set Swatches & Review

Intrigued by all the Benefit buzz I picked up two sets last month to finally try out the brand and see what all the hype was about. I started off with the Pretty Committee set and then decided to try this one out too. It only cost me $12 so I figured I wouldn’t have much to lose. The Coral my World set comes with a tiny sample of Benefit’s Coralista blush and a deluxe sample of their Sun Beam highlighter. I’ve heard nice things about the blush but I really wanted this set because of the Sun Beam. High Beam is a beautiful highlighter that’s pretty universal but I just knew Sun Beam would be even more flattering on my warm complexion.

I think this set packs a pretty nice value! Especially for ladies with lighter complexions. The soft wash of golden shimmer from Sun Beam would look gorgeous paired with the pale coral blusher. However, for darker ladies Coralista is more of a highlighter. Very similar to how Bella Bamba turned out but the glitter is not as chunky. Paired together the two certainly give a beautiful glowing effect.

Although the blush is pretty sheer the formula is still pretty nice. It’s very finely milled so it’s incredibly soft and silky. The blush also has a faint sweet tropical scent and gives a nice soft golden sheen. The only drawbacks to this blush is that it can be a bit powdery and the shade is pretty sheer on darker tones. However, I think if paired with a cream blush as a base it should fair better. The Sun Beam is my favorite part of this set. The bottle is pretty small but I bet it’ll last forever. You only need one drop to make your cheekbones glisten. It looks more pale in the bottle but applied it’s full on golden goddess! I just love it! The texture is very smooth and blends out easily. Both products last me throughout the day without primer so the staying power is pretty decent. Overall I think it’s a great value and a nice set!



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