Coastal Scents Classic Bent Liner Brush Review

I bought this brush on a whim but it’s actually an excellent brush to have in your collection! I was a little nervous that the angle would take some getting used to (and it does) but the learning curve isn’t too bad and it’s very rewarding! This is the perfect brush to use for gel and cream liners!

Coastal Scents has a natural and synthetic hair version of this brush but I opted for the synthetic version. I just prefer synthetic brushes when I’m working with creams and liquids. This isn’t the most dense angled liner brush but I actually like that because the point is very fine and allows for great precision. I’m able to tightline, do a thick winged liner and line my water line neatly. I’ve washed it plenty of times and I’ve experienced no shedding whatsoever. The bristles feel nice against my skin and doesn’t tug. Very nice quality for a $2 brush! I absolutely recommended!


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