Maybelline Baby Lips Balm Review

I can’t believe I’m just now reviewing this balm because I use it so much! I only tried the Maybelline Baby Lips balms because of the hype but I’m pretty pleased with the turn out! They’re moisturizing, affordable and surprisingly pretty pigmented. Plus, they offer SPF 20! These little beauties are a makeup bag must have!

Maybelline Baby Lips comes in 6 different flavors all of which have a lingering fruity scent. I own Peach Kiss and Pink Punch (so far) and I love them! My lips feel soft and hydrated when I apply them and even for a couple of hours after its worn off. I wear them alone sometimes but I love wearing them under lipsticks! It doesn’t wear too long (about 2 hours) so you’ll have to reapply frequently to keep that baby lip smoothness. Even on my pigmented lips these balms show up very well! I was very impressed with the payoff. These balms are perfect to carry in your bag! They usually retail for $5-$7 at drugstores and super stores but you can often find them on sale or in value packs. I definitely recommended checking them out!



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