Urban Decay & Givenchy Giveaway!

This has been an amazing first year for Fancieland! You ladies have turned my hobby and passion into such a success. I can’t even begin to express how appreciative and grateful I am to have such amazing readers and subbies! As a small token of my gratitude I would like to present you ladies with an Urban Decay and Givenchy giveaway! The prize is an Urban Decay Naked Basics palette and a Givenchy Gelee D’Interdit gloss in Tempting Rouge. Here are the rules:

    • Subscribe to Fancieland
    • Drop a comment below on why you’d like to win 🙂

    The giveaway ends at 12:00 a.m. EST on May 24th! Good luck!

    17 thoughts on “Urban Decay & Givenchy Giveaway!

    1. Ohhh what a great giveaway! 😀
      I follow you on my personal profile on FB.

      I would like to win (please) because the prizes are fantastic and they would make me want to eat my own foot with happiness!

    2. I would like to win because i’m beginning to get into the makeup world and the naked basics palette has neutral colors and is a great way to start.

    3. I want to win because this is perfect to go in a makeup bag and travel with and the colors are perfect and matte.I would use it everyday since the colors are neutral

    4. I’d love to win because I love Urban Decay, this palette looks amazing!
      fb – steph coupns


    5. I should win because I’m just starting out with getting makeup and these could add to the very small collection I have. 🙂 All I’ve been doing lately is looking up makeup on the Internet, tumblr, & Pinterest.

    6. Because I think that matte skin toned shadows are a great thing to use to contour and delicately define all ages and skin tones as a complete look or a base for something dramatic.

    7. I would love to win those two products because I have always wanted to try a Givenchy product ever since I heard about the brand but its just not in budget right now to buy it. Plus the UD Basics is definitely a must have and I would love to get the chance to use it! Thanks for having this great giveaway!

    8. I completed the tasks listed above and I think I should win this palette because I really need it for work. I’m a student and was lucky enough to land my first business world internship. However, it is very business formal and in a male-dominated workplace, I have to play by their rules. I have shelled out a ridiculous amount of money to try and find crisp collared shirts and long pants suits so that I can fit in. Shimmery colors and outrageous eye makeup are out of the question. I’ll be working a drab environment and putting my academic skills to use (math/data analysis) in hopes of getting a full time job offer at the end of the summer. I’ve worked hard my whole life to get where I am today and I won’t let society hold me back. If the business world is male dominated – heck, I will CHANGE THAT. So thank you for this giveaway, as matte eyeshadows will make look FIERCE and give me the confidence to overcome this prejudice against women. I can confidently roll my eyes and say: I can do this.

    9. …still think I should win! 😀 I need a reason to come out of my blog sabbatical! Plus neutrals look great on me and so does a sexy red lip!! Plus, I have to look good when slinging drinks all night!!!

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