The Return of Marilyn Monroe

 photo 20130521_143642_zpsa847fd52.jpg

Finally, my lippies have arrived! My beautiful Marilyn Monroe haul is complete! Back in October, MAC released a limited edition collection inspired by the timeless beauty. Unfortunately, the collection went just as quickly as it came. Everything sold out extremely quickly EVERYWHERE! I went to the mall bright and early on release day only to be disappointed when I couldn’t get my hands on Deeply Adored. Fast forward to today and I’m a much happier camper!

 photo 20130521_144040_zpse525b56a.jpg

Along with finally getting Deeply Adored I was able to get my hands on Love Goddess, Pure Zen and The Perfect Cheek blush. When the collection first released I only wanted one lipstick but after seeing swatches I had to get Pure Zen and Love Goddess as well. Both of which I am in love with right now! Ironically, I haven’t even touched my Deeply Adored (LOL)! Love Goddess is definitely my fave of the three. I am not at all a red lippie gal but this was the perfect lipstick to ease me into such an intimidating shade. It has the perfect amount of pink undertones that makes this comfortable for me to wear even during the day! I probably should have gotten a backup!


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