Shea Moisture Lemongrass & Ginger Shea Butter Soap Review

 photo 20130530_193456_zps51035368.jpg

I’m not one to make a big deal over soap but this stuff is seriously amazing! Last week, I paid a visit to Karen’s Makeup and Beauty Blog only to find her raving about how awesome Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap bars are for cleaning brushes. Of course, I rushed to Walgreen’s in search of one but had no luck. Just as I was walking out I spotted the Shea Moisture soap bars and decided to give the Lemongrass & Ginger Shea bar a try instead.

 photo 20130530_194111_zpsa3c1401d.jpg

This totally isn’t your average soap! For starters, it’s like 3 times larger than the typical bar of soap. It’s massive! The Lemongrass and Ginger Shea Butter bar lathers extremely well and delivers a nice deep clean. I was nervous about using it for my brushes because I thought the excessive lather would be a little too harsh but it’s actually PERFECT! This soap cuts brush washing time in half! I just wet the bristles a little, rub it across the bar and the gunk is pretty much gone in one rinse. Plus, my brushes feel insanely soft once dry. No conditioner or olive oil needed!

After seeing the miracle it performed on my dirtiest of brushes I decided to see how the Shea Moisture bar would hold up in the shower. Let me just say: HOLY GRAIL! My skin felt soft and clean without that tight, dry feeling I usually get after I shower. I haven’t noticed any breakouts or anything so it seems to play well with sensitive skin. It’s just a wonderful soap! It’s a tad pricey at $5 a bar but it’s more than worth it!

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