RiRi Hearts MAC Haul & First Impressions

I haul from MAC pretty often these days but no collection has ever made me more anxious or excited! Rihanna sent the makeup world into pure madness last Tuesday when her RiRi Hearts MAC collection finally dropped. RiRi navy members and makeup junkies all over united to clog up MAC’s servers and crash the site a few times resulting in checkout sessions that lasted hours. Insane right?? After a whopping 2 hours I was successfully able to place my order and get my goodies!

The wait was certainly worth it because I’m obsessed with everything I hauled. Especially the lipsticks! I was a little worried about the retro matte formula at first because I heard it’s very drying but I just LOVE it! Of course, I still have to prep my lips with a balm first but these babies glide on like butter! The formula really isn’t that bad! These lipsticks last for hours on end even with eating and drinking. I’ve worked a full day without any touch ups. They’re amazing!

The Barbados Girl Lustre Drops is just beautiful! I’ve been wearing it on my cheekbones and it just gives such a beautiful glow. It has some chunky flecks of glitter that aren’t super noticeable in normal lighting but once the sun hits you it’s glow city! I’d definitely suggest using a very light hand with these. A small drop goes a long way!

From left to right: RiRi Boy, RiRi Woo, Heaux, Barbados Girl


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