Meet The New NARS Fall Cheek Palettes!



It’s a cheek party ladies and I’ve brought goodies! Last week NARS released the beautiful Soulshine and Realm of the Senses cheek palettes and I am totally smitten with them! No picture can truly capture how gorgeous these blushes are in person. They’re simply a treat to look at!



These palettes feature the traditional rubbery matte black packaging we’ve grown to love from NARS. Yes, it gets dirty easily and it’s extremely hard to clean but it still screams elegance. It’s so chic! NARS is available through many outlets but these beauties are a Sephora exclusive. I did a quick search and couldn’t find them online at NARS either so Sephora is your only bet!




Soulshine (left) and Realm of the Senses (right) both feature three blushes with the NARS logo embossed in shimmering gold dividing them. You would think that it would be difficult to use each color individually but it’s no problem at all! I actually prefer to apply these blushes individually instead of swirling my brush around the pan. For one, these palettes are a bit powdery. A nice amount of powder loosened as I swirled my brush around the pan. Secondly, the the shimmery gold NARS is just an overspray and I don’t want to ruin it (LOL!). The logo looks like it goes all the way through but the gold shimmer disappears with use. I find it lasts much longer when tapping your brush on each shade to get a desired mix.




I thought I’d end up gravitating more towards Realm of the Senses but Soulshine actually turned out to be my favorite! NARS created the perfect blend of fall shades for women of color with Soulshine. I mean it looks absolutely beautiful applied! NARS describes it as a peachy pink with gold shimmer, a sheer golden apricot and a soft rose tone with golden shimmer. With so much shimmer you’d expect a disco cheek effect but Soulshine isn’t glittery at all! It’s more a beautiful sheen when applied. I’m actually wearing Soulshine today and it looks flawless! I used all colors together which yields a stunning shimmery rose and gold blend. Instant fall face!



Realm of the Senses is equally as beautiful as Soulshine but I think this palette may be better suited for the lighter ladies. While I think it still looks amazing on darker skin it’s a tad more subtle in color because it’s more sheer. Realm of the Senses swirled together yields a soft pinky peach with shimmer. It reminds me a bit of Orgasm but the deep berry shade in the palette gives it a tad more color. NARS describes it as a mix of a sheer peach, shimmering bronzed rose and sparkling gold sand. Like Soulshine, Realm of the Senses delivers a soft stunning glow to the cheeks without looking glittery or overdone.

So far, I’m incredibly pleased with these cheek palettes! They’re limited edition but I don’t see them selling out extremely quickly like some brands (looking at you MAC!). I still wouldn’t hesitate to snatch up these gorgeous palettes though! I do feel that Realm of the Senses and Soulshine are a bit similar so I wouldn’t necessarily recommend buying both. Unless you’re just makeup obsessed like me! The texture is typical NARS. Silky, smooth, pigmented and easy to blend. Not to mention long lasting! Stay tuned for full reviews! In the meantime, run over to Sephora and order yours today!



NARS Soulshine #1, Soulshine #2, Soulshine #3, Soulshine swirled together


NARS Realm of the Senses #1, Realm of the Senses #2, Realm of the Senses #3, Realm of the Senses swirled together

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