Nailtini Millionaire Nail Polish Review


I told you guys I had a review coming for ya! I don’t usually do nail polish reviews (I probably should huh?) but I always get so many compliments when I wear this polish. I feel like I just have to review it because it’s soo beautiful! Major thanks to Ipsy because if I hadn’t received this beauty in one of my glam bags I probably wouldn’t have tried it.


Nailtini picked the perfect name for this stunning gold and green flecked glitter top coat. It makes your nails look like a million bucks! The glitter is so bright and beautiful! Surprisingly, Millionaire performs justs as well as it looks. I have a problem with a lot of glitter polishes not being dense enough or applying smoothly and evenly. But Millionaire glides on beautifully and coats your nails with tons of sparkles without tons of layering.


I actually skipped the base polish with this manicure and Millionaire still fully covered my nail with just two coats! There’s no nail peeking through at all! The wear time is pretty impressive too. I don’t usually have issues with glitter polish and chipping but even with frequent hand washing I don’t see any fading or fallout. I can’t think of one bad thing to say about Millionaire. I just wish Nailtini was available in stores so I could buy more! If you’re interested in picking up Millionaire you can order it online from Nailtini.


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