MAC RiRi Boy Retro Matte Lipstick Review


Yes, I know the ever so popular RiRi Hearts MAC collection has long come and gone but the love is definitely still there for me! RiRi Boy, Heaux and RiRi Woo were my first dips into the MAC retro matte world and I haven’t stopped swimming in them since. The formula is just amazing! Of course, RiRi Boy is no longer available but I still wanted to share this review with you ladies because in a few weeks MAC will be releasing a new line of retro matte lipsticks for the fall! Currently, Ruby Woo is the only retro matte lipstick in MAC’s permanent line so it’ll be nice to see to some new additions.


RiRi Boy is a bright warm pinky lavender lipstick with a strikingly sexy ultra matte finish. There’s no sheen whatsoever here! Things can get a little drying with the retro matte formula but I don’t find it much more drying than any other matte lipstick. The key to this formula is to find a nice, thick hydrating balm to prep with first. Something like Dior Lip Glow or, my new favorite, Jack Black  Intense Therapy lip balm definitely helps these feel a bit more comfortable. I never wear RiRi Boy without a balm so I don’t experience any tugging during application. I actually find RiRi Boy to feel quite creamy during application despite the extreme matte finish. As I’ve raved to you guys before the wear of this lipstick is just fabulous! It doesn’t feather much (because there’s no slip) and it lasts forever. Even through eating and drinking I’ve gotten well over six hours of wear time out of RiRi Boy. It even leaves a stain behind that can be topped off with a gloss.



Like every other product in the RiRi Hearts MAC collection RiRi Boy also featured Rihanna’s signature etched onto the side of the lipstick. It’s very simple but pretty funky and edgy. I like it! I was a little worried that the imprint would wear off with use but it’s actually been holding up pretty well! I’m almost halfway through my first tube of RiRi Boy and it’s still in tact. I love that! Of course, the retro matte formula doesn’t come without flaws but they’re minor for me. As I mentioned earlier a good balm and prep is key to this formula. It can feel drying. Another thing I don’t like is that RiRi Boy starts to come off a bit powdery as it wears off and starts fading.


I loved RiRi Boy so much that I just had to order a backup! This will probably be one of the few lipsticks I actually finish! The color and wear are just perfect for me. I almost always wear it for nights out because I so rarely have to touch up. It’s hard to believe how amazing the retro matte formula is! I seriously can’t wait until the new colors debut this fall!

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