RiRi Hearts MAC 35 Lash Review

I just love lashes! So it’s really no surprise that I’ve been rocking the 35 lash from the RiRi Hearts MAC fall collection religiously. The style is just so pretty!

They aren’t super voluminous so they don’t look too dramatic but they are super long which I love. MAC’s 35 lashes are super unique because they’re much longer in the center which gives it such a beautiful look. In the packaging it looks a little scary but applied the 35 lash looks more natural than you think. Not to mention they’re also pretty sturdy. MAC lashes can definitely last through a few wears as long as you don’t sleep in them of course. The band is pretty thin too so it’s easy to blend them in with your natural lashes.

I believe the 35 lash is available online at MAC but not at counters. In the Rihanna collection the 35 lash is marked up to $17.50 because of the logo but you can purchase a pair online from MAC for cheaper ($16.00). The 35 lash really is beautiful though. It’s become my favorite style! I even have backups!


One thought on “RiRi Hearts MAC 35 Lash Review

  1. Those lashes look amazing! You’re right, it did look a little scary in the packaging, but on you it looks VERY natural. I only own one pair of MAC lashes and I suck at picking them out so naturally they’re all dramatic lol. I’m definitely going to look into these though!

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