Dior Creme de Rose Smoothing Plumping Lip Balm Review

After my love affair with Dior’s Lip Glow balm it was only natural I’d be curious to try the new Creme de Rose lip balm with SPF 10. It’s quite different from Lip Glow but it’s just as good!

Creme de Rose comes packaged in a white plastic jar with an embossed design. It feels very lightweight, practical and chic. The design does lack that luxury feel I usually get from Dior products but it’s not too bad. My only complaint is that it comes in a jar rather than in a tube like Lip Glow. I hate taking balms like this on the go because it’s inconvenient. I’d have to carry a lip brush or wash my hands before every use. For me, this is best used as an overnight balm.

Creme de Rose is described as a balm that  soothes and hydrates while protecting lips with SPF 10. I can’t really speak on the plumping part because my lips naturally look and feel plump lol. However, Creme de Rose does smooth my lips and instantly makes them look and feel soft and supple. It has a light rosy scent that lingers but isn’t strong and overpowering. The formula is like a mix between rosebud salve and Vaseline. It has the same scent and hydrating properties of rosebud salve with the thicker, longer wearing properties of Vaseline. It differs from the two because it’s not as heavy as Vaseline and it lasts longer than rosebud salve (around 4 hours). Definitely the perfect mix!

If you’re looking for a lightweight yet rich, conditioning balm that you don’t mind dipping your fingers (or a brush) into then definitely check this out! It’s worth a try!

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