MAC 195 Concealer Brush Review

Happy December guys! Can you believe 2013 is ending already? Time really seems to be passing us by! I remember back in April when I first started using MAC brushes and hauled the 195 Concealer Brush. I always loved using it on clients while freelancing at the MAC counter so it was a no-brainer for me to add it to my collection. It’s a really great concealer brush!

The 195 is part of MAC’s permanent range of brushes so it features the standard black wooden handle design with shiny silver ferrules. The brush head is very small and features a tapered end making it very versatile to use all over the face and extremely precise. I’ve used the 195 for a variety of uses including spot concealing, brows and covering dark circles.

The bristles are made of soft synthetic fibers so the 195 works well with liquid and cream concealers without soaking up much product. The brush is pretty tightly packed so it feels dense and stiff. It’s not at all flimsy like other concealer brushes I’ve used.

I’ve washed the 195 brush dozens of times and it hasn’t shed a single hair. I use this brush everyday to conceal my brows and its been holding up very well. I haven’t had any loose handles or ferrules like I have with my Elf and Coastal Scents brushes. It’s very well made and worth the $24 price tag! I highly recommend the 195 whether you’re a beginner or makeup artist. It’s an excellent concealer brush to have in your stash!

The 195 Concealer Brush is available for $24.00 at MAC, Nordstrom, Macy’s, etc.

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