Hello Again, RiRi Woo!

The RiRi Hearts MAC Holiday collection started launching last week and boy was it madness! I was in the waiting room at MAC around 12 and made it out pretty quickly (15 minutes) but Pleasurebomb and Bad Girl RiRi lipsticks were already sold out. I only ended up with a replacement RiRi Woo but I did manage to snag the rest of the lippies early this morning from Nordstrom. Can’t wait to share them with you!

RiRi Woo is no stranger on the block this year! She’s appeared in all of Rihanna’s collaborations with MAC and it’s easy to see why. It’s so versatile and looks great on everyone! As this is the last Rihanna collection of the year Thursday will be your last chance to haul RiRi Woo. So don’t hesitate to run to those counters and sites on the 12th! MAC, Macy’s, Nordstrom and more will be carrying the collection so don’t fret if you miss out at one location. The lipsticks have been selling incredibly fast though so prepare for chaos!

4 thoughts on “Hello Again, RiRi Woo!

  1. I absolutely LOVE RiRi Woo 🙂 I also snagged my lippies on Nordstrom’s website at 5:50 this morning. I’m so happy about that because now I don’t have to fight the crowds in the stores. I’m still debating on the bag, but I have a feel it’s not going to sell out any time soon.

    • Isn’t it so pretty?? I hated staying up that late but I feel the same way about not having to go to the stores lol. It’s gonna be madness lol. I’m glad you were able to get your goodies! I can’t wait to get my package! Some ladies received their bag and were a little disappointed by the size so I’d suggest searching for some pics. I can’t imagine it selling out too quickly

  2. I must admit the packaging is beautiful. I honestly was not fussy over this collection but I knew that Pleasure bomb would be out within minutes. Can’t wait to see your swatches 🙂

    • I like the packaging but not as much as the fall packaging. Pleasurebomb and Bad Girl RiRi were a headache to get! I was hoping I would catch it online at Nordstrom or else I was going to give up. There’s no way I’m going to the counters for this lol

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