MAC 188 Duo Fibre Face Brush Review

I’ve always been a pretty big fan of duo fibre brushes because they’re great for all types of makeup (cream, powder and liquid) and they don’t hold much product. I’ve yet to meet a duo fibre brush that doesn’t perform well and the MAC 188 is no exception!

The 188 features the classic MAC brush design. The handle is matte black with a shiny silver ferule. It feels pretty sturdy and very well made.

The brush head is very small and narrow with a flat top so it’s ideal for small faces and precise blending. As I mentioned before the 188 is powder, liquid and cream friendly so it’s very versatile! It can be used for concealer, setting powder, blush or highlight. I love to use it with highlighters and intense blushes. The 188 blends the product exactly where I place it without much traveling at all.

The 188 is made of short densely packed goat hair and long synthetic fibers that are soft to the touch but still firm. It’s not a flimsy brush. The bristles pick up product extremely well without holding too much of it. I don’t notice any shedding during use but it does shed during wash time. I lose 1-3 goat hairs just about every time. Not perfect but still not bad. I definitely recommend it!

The MAC 188 Duo Fibre Face Brush is available at all MAC locations for $35.00.


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