Coastal Scents Classic Blender Natural Brush Review

 photo IMG_20140103_083209.jpg

Last year, I went a little Coastal Scents crazy but it was definitely all worth it! Like ELF, Coastal Scents has a lot of great quality makeup and tools that are dirt cheap. They’re a little pricier than ELF at times but the selection just can’t be beat! I’ve tried a few different products from Coastal Scents but my favorite has to be their brushes. They’re excellent quality for the price! Especially if catch one of their frequent sales!

 photo IMG_20140103_083349.jpg

The Classic Blender Natural Brush is perhaps my favorite brush from Coastal Scents. It’s a very soft, dense and fluffy natural hair designed to be used all over the lid. I like to use to pack shadows on my lid or softly blend them into my crease. It’s a very versatile brush! If you’re familiar with the MAC 217 brush it’s very similar. The only difference besides the darker bristles is that the Classic Blender Natural Brush is a bit more dense and fluffier. However, it feels and performs exactly the same to me so I would opt for the Coastal Scents version if you don’t want to shell out the MAC bucks.

 photo IMG_20140103_083230.jpg

The brush head is small and square with rounded edges. The bristles are very soft and don’t feel scratchy at all on the skin. Their short and very tightly packed so the Classic Blender Natural easily picks and blends product. Although it’s made of natural hair it still works well with cream shadows so it’s not just confined to powders. The brush is very fluffy so the hairs will splay out a bit after wash but drying it with a brush guard definitely cuts down on that. I’m just lazy lol.

 photo IMG_20140103_083256.jpg

I’ve washed this brush more times than I can count and it’s held up pretty well! A couple of my Coastal Scents face brushes have fallen apart at the handle but the Classic Blender Natural is still holding strong! It doesn’t feel wobbly or loose at all. I don’t have any issues with shedding during application but it is known to shed a hair or two during wash time. Definitely nothing excessive though! With a price tag of $3 (even cheaper on sale!) I highly recommend the Classic Blender Natural Brush. Whether you’re a beginner or professional makeup artist it’s a staple brush to have in your collection! Head over to Coastal Scents to check it out!

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