MAC Prep + Prime Lip Primer Review

 photo IMG_20140104_105105.jpg

Have you ever had a beauty aha moment? Like, “Wow I can’t believe I’m just now trying this”? The first time I tried MAC Prep + Prime Lip I was so amazed. My lips felt smooth and soft. My lippies went on beautifully and wore much better. It really made me realize how important lip primers are! I know it’s a little tough throwing in another step to toss on a lipstick or gloss but Prep + Prime is more than worth it!

 photo IMG_20140104_105127.jpg

MAC describes Prep + Prime Lip as:

“A colour-free base to wear under lipstick. Adds light moisture, smooths and refines the lips. Improves appearance of applied lip products.”

Check. Check. And check. The stark white lip primer looks and feels kind of like a balm but different. There’s a hint of the classic MAC vanilla scent but it mostly smells like wax to me. It has a nice lightweight balmy texture that really smooths out my lips and helps with feathering. It’s also slightly moisturizing but it can’t replace my usual balm. Prep + Prime definitely improves the appearance of any lippie you throw at it. Lip liner, lipstick, lip gloss. It makes them all apply more evenly and smooths out those fine lines. Even after of hours of wear with the driest of lippies my lips weren’t a feathered, cracked mess. I highly recommend Prep + Prime Lip if you want a smooth pout!

 photo IMG_20140104_105153.jpg

MAC Prep + Prime is available at all MAC locations for $16.00.

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