Maybelline Truffle Tease Color Sensational Lipstick Review

 photo IMG_20140221_092434.jpg

I’m more of a bright lip kind of gal but that has never stopped me from hoarding nudes too. I may not opt for a nude lip often but I think finding the perfect nude is so important! You never know when you’ll want to super smoke those eyes so it’s nice to have a good nude lip ready to balance the look, right? I wouldn’t call Truffle Tease my perfect nude lipstick but it comes pretty close!

 photo IMG_20140221_092456.jpg

Although Truffle Tease if from The Buffs line the packaging is very similar to the Vivids except it features a nude colored top instead of bright orange. It’s pretty bulky but it looks and feels nice for a drugstore lipstick. Remember that strong powdery diaper scent I mentioned with Hot Plum? Well Truffle Tease shares the same odd smell but it isn’t nearly as strong. I definitely get a nice whiff when I open it but it’s much less noticeable when applied than it was with Hot Plum. I still think it might be too much if you have a sensitive nose.

 photo IMG_20140221_092533.jpg

Truffle Tease is still a pretty good lipstick though! It’s a creamy warm beige with just a hint of gray undertones. It reminds me a lot of Rihanna’s Nude lipstick but it’s warmer, lighter and more yellow. For me, Truffle Tease is a bit more wearable because the gray tones aren’t as strong Nude. The formula is very impressive! Truffle Tease goes on very smoothly and opaque and has a nice satiny matte finish. It does form lines when you press your lips together because of how creamy it is so you’ll have to be careful not to over apply. It’s not drying at all and it wears for around 4 to 5 hours without fading. I did experience a little bit of feathering as it started wearing off but not nearly as bad as some of my MAC lipsticks. So far, I find Maybelline lipsticks to be pretty forgiving on dry lips. Of course, I still recommend exfoliating and prepping with a balm beforehand for best results! For $8 a pop, I highly recommend giving Truffle Tease a try if you’re into nude lips! The fragrance is a little obnoxious but the formula is perfect for such a light shade!

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