NARS Matte Multiples for Spring 2014

 photo spring2014_narsmattemultiple001.jpg

The new NARS Matte Multiples have the beauty world all abuzz these days! I can’t believe I’m just now posting about them because I’ve been stalking blogs for swatches and reviews all week. These things are seriously beautiful! I’m already a fan of the shimmer overload Multiples but I’m very curious to try out these new matte shades. They’re already available online and in store at Sephora so no waiting here! Plus, they’re permanent so no worries about limited stock or sold out signs either. I’ve been a bit under the weather lately but the second this icky cold breaks I’ll be hauling my butt to Sephora to pick up a few shades. Check them out!

Matte Multiple ($39.00)

    • Altai
      rose bronze
    • Anguilla
      ginger Pink
    • Cappadoce
      golden bronze
    • Exumas
      pink apricot
    • Laos
      rose coral
    • Siam
      poppy red
    • Vientiane
      copper bronze

     photo spring2014_narsmattemultiple002.jpg


    Right now I have my eye on Cappadoce, Exumas, Laos and Siam. I hope after seeing them in person I can cut down my list a bit since the Multiples are so pricey. Will you be purchasing any of the Matte Multiples?

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