MAC Pure Silliness Lip Glass Review

 photo IMG_20140422_123906.jpg

I seriously can’t wait to get the rest of my lipsticks from Nordstrom because I’m just loving my Playland goodies! They’re just so bright and fun! Like Happy Go Lucky, Pure Silliness sneaked its way onto my list but I’m definitely not complaining. Just look at how pretty it is!

 photo IMG_20140422_040605.jpg

Pure Silliness is milky pinky lilac shade with the classic MAC vanilla scent. Like the rest of MAc’s lip glass crew Pure Silliness comes in a small clear plastic tube with a black shiny top. The formula is pretty on par with other lip glasses I’ve tried. It’s slightly thick, sticky and tacky. The texture doesn’t bother me though because it actually wears pretty well.

 photo IMG_20140422_040517.jpg

Pure Silliness is rather pigmented and can be worn alone or over a lip pencil or lipstick. I prefer to pair it with another lippie because it’s a little milky on its own. It tends to settle into lip lines a bit but it’s not noticeable from a distance. Pure Silliness is slightly moisturizing and wore comfortably for around 3-4 hours before fading. Even with a bit of eating and drinking, Pure Silliness held up very well and lasts pretty long for a gloss. I know some ladies don’t care for thick, sticky glosses but Pure Silliness is quite the treat! It’s very easy to wear and it looks lovely on a variety of complexions. Surprisingly, Pure Silliness is still available online at MAC and Nordstrom so I’d hurry on over and order a tube before it disappears!

 photo IMG_20140418_110007.jpg

 photo IMG_20140422_123714.jpg

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