MAC Mangrove Lipstick Review

 photo IMG_20140425_054404.jpg

Don’t you just love when you take a chance on something new and it works out great? I know I do! I’m certainly not the biggest red or orange lippie lover but something told me to order Mangrove. Now I can’t stop wearing it! This lipstick is so gorgeous!

 photo IMG_20140425_054257.jpg

MAC is known to release collections with limited edition packaging but the Proenza Schouler collection featured couture packaging and pricing. Rather than your standard MAC bullet, Mangrove featured squared metal packaging with a rainbow gradient design. I thought it would be rather bulky but it’s actually not too bad. It has a nice weight to it and feels good in the hand. Not to mention, it’s much easier to find in a crowded bag filled with MAC lipsticks!

 photo IMG_20140425_054344.jpg

I’m usually more excited about the special packaging but this time around Mangrove caught my full attention! It’s a bright, warm reddish orange with a creamy matte finish. I definitely think it’s suitable for all skin tones as I haven’t seen anyone look bad rocking Mangrove. However, depending on your undertone and lip pigmentation it may pull more orange than red. On my lips, it’s a vibrant almost neon orange with just a hint of red. It certainly isn’t for the natural crowd! Mangrove applied quite smoothly during application and was very opaque and even in one swipe.

 photo IMG_20140425_054429.jpg

Despite the finish, I didn’t find Mangrove to be drying at all. I was able to get a nice 6 hours of comfortable wear from Mangrove before it began to stain and fade away. This definitely isn’t a lipstick you’ll need to touch up all frequently! I do recommend pairing it with a lip liner anyway because it does tend to settle into lip lines quite a bit. Prep + Prime Lip helped a little but it was less noticable when paired with a lip liner as well. While I’m not a big fan of feathering, I can’t help but to love Mangrove. It’s such a beautiful color that looks good on everyone! I’m a little surprised it’s still available at MAC but it could be because of the couture price tag ($22). Mangrove is a tad pricey for a regular matte MAC lipstick but I do think it’s worth the haul!

 photo IMG_20140425_054459.jpg

 photo IMG_20140425_055900.jpg

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