MAC Autoerotique Blush Review

 photo 20140103_183809.jpg

Better late than never right? It took me so long to finally receive my Autoerotique blush after Nordstrom forgot to pack it in my Magnetic Nude haul! Then it took me forever to finally stop smothering my cheeks in Pleasure Model long enough to actually start testing Autoerotique out. But now that I have I adore it! Not as much as Pleasure Model but Autoerotique still holds a special place in my acrylic organizer. Check it out!

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My Autoerotique Has Arrived!

Finally! My Autoerotique blush has arrived! I’m not sure what happened in the warehouse at Nordies but somehow my Magnetic Nude haul came a blush short. I called customer service and they were very nice. The representative sent out my blush no problem via standard shipping. I do wish it was expedited because of all the holidays but at least it’s here, right?

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