Pops of Purple with Phlox Garden!

 photo IMG_20140207_111431.jpg

We’re still experiencing massive snow storms here in Michigan but I’m still feeling the spring spirit! I’m completely over winter right now. I know March just started but I’m ready for the April showers and May flowers already! Speaking of flowers, I’m still very much enjoying my goodies from MAC’s Fantasy of Flowers collection. Especially Phlox Garden! Who knew purple eyeliner could be so exciting?
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MAC Heavenly Hybrid Lipstick Review

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I’ll be honest. I fully intended to return my Fantasy of Flowers lipsticks because I had such high hopes for Snapdragon and it turned out to be really sheer. But trying on Heavenly Hybrid definitely won me over! It may look like a typical berry lipstick but I just can’t get over how much I love it!
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MAC Snapdragon Lipstick Review

When it comes to sheer lipsticks you either love em or hate em. Color me confused because I’m stuck in the middle! Snapdragon is such a lovely color for spring but it’s very sheer. I’m not typically a fan of sheer lipsticks but Snapdragon is starting to grow on me. Just a little!

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