Milani Pink Rave Lip Intense Review

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It’s so easy to fall for Milani. Especially with great lippies like Pink Rave! I’ve a tried a couple of the Lip Intense Liquid Lip Colors before but Pink Rave is easily my favorite. Fiery Coral was quite the hassle. Violet Addict was much better and the color is beautiful but it still didn’t wear as fabulously as Pink Rave. This lip color is just perfection! Continue reading

Milani Violet Addict Lip Intense Review

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I’ll admit, I wasn’t too excited to try Violet Addict after my lackluster experience with the Fiery Coral Lip Intense. It was so drying and icky looking on me! I adored the color but the formula was just too hard to work with. Totally different story with Violet Addict! The color is absolutely gorgeous and the formula is so much better than Fiery Coral! Take a look!

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