Fancie Faves: Lip Liners

 photo 20131231_122727.jpg

Lately I’ve been finding myself lining my lips to the gods! A good lip liner can extend the wear of your lipstick, make the color really pop and really give your lips definition. I love using lip liners to alter the color of my lipstick (or gloss) a bit but my favorite way to use them is to contour my lips. I know some ladies skip the lip liner but it’s so important to achieve a crisp, clean lip! You can either fill in your lips completely or create a nice contour by outlining your lips and then filling in the corners leaving the center bare. A great deal of my lip liners are from MAC but you can use any brand to achieve luscious lips!

 photo 20131231_122817.jpg

After hauling Heroine and the Punk Couture lippies I’ve been in bright purples and bold vampy colors a lot! I’ve been using deeper shades to create a nice sexy contour and the bright shades to shake up the color a bit. My current faves include:

    • Fashion Boost
      bright purple cream
    • Currant
      intense reddish purple
    • Embrace Me
      vivid pinkish fuchsia
    • Magenta
      vivid pinkish purple
    • Vino
      intense violet purple
    • Nightmoth
      blackened plum

     photo 20131231_144541-1.jpg

    MAC Currant, Fashion Boost, Vino, Embrace Me, Nightmoth and Magenta lip pencils