MAC RiRi Boy Lipstick Review


Yes, I know the ever so popular RiRi Hearts MAC collection has long come and gone but the love is definitely still there for me! RiRi Boy, Heaux and RiRi Woo were my first dips into the MAC retro matte world and I haven’t stopped swimming in them since. The formula is just amazing! Of course, RiRi Boy is no longer available but I still wanted to share this review with you ladies because in a few weeks MAC will be releasing a new line of retro matte lipsticks for the fall! Currently, Ruby Woo is the only retro matte lipstick in MAC’s permanent line so it’ll be nice to see to some new additions.

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MAC Illustrated Collection Sneak Peek

 photo 20130711_173613_zps5dc5323d.jpg

Early Access is here and MAC brought goody bags! Every July Nordstrom has a big anniversary sale featuring exclusive cosmetics and fragrance goodies as well as new fall fashion at a discount. The anniversary sale doesn’t begin for the general public until July 19th but if you are a Fashion Rewards member you can shop the sale now!

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Manicure Monday!

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I just realized how long it’s been since I’ve shared my mani with you ladies! It’s crazy that I look at my nails all day and still forget to post about them. Silly me! So in an attempt to get things more organized around here and give you guys a larger variety of content I’m going to start implementing weekly segments. Like Manicure Monday! Every Monday you (should, hehe) be able to drop by Fancieland and check out what’s on my nails at the moment.

Anywho! This week’s manicure features a bright pink and lavender polish. I tried to grab the names but they had faded off the bottom (boo!). Both colors are just gorgeous in person! The pink is super bright and neon and the lavender adds a cool yet girly touch. I’m getting a little tired of pink nails (gasp!) so I don’t plan on keeping this mani for too long but I’m not really sure what to try next. Mint? Yellow? Green? Which colors should I use next?