Ole Henriksen Nurture Me Cream Review

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I don’t usually go crazy over moisturizers but I can’t rave enough about the Ole Henriksen Nurture Me cream! It has been downright freezing this winter and my skin was certainly suffering from the harsh cold winds. I thought the Philosophy Hope in a Jar moisturizer would help revive my thirsty skin (total fail!) but it wasn’t until I tried Nurture Me that I found the cure for my winter skin blues.

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Boscia Tsubaki Oil Overload

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Beauty isn’t just about applying makeup and getting all dolled up. It’s about taking care of all that pretty skin you’re putting that makeup on too! Sometimes we forget just how important it is to really take care of the skin we’re in. Thank goodness for Boscia sending us a little reminder in cute pink trimmed packaging!

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Fancie’s Faves

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February definitely wasn’t the best month for me as I’ve spent most of it in bed sick. Boo you polar vortex and wisdom teeth! Most days I could barely stand to get dressed let alone put on any makeup so this month I focused more on pampering my skin instead. Although I didn’t glam up February the way I wanted I still managed to stumble upon some pretty awesome products that have become staples in my routine. Take a look!

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Keep Your Kissers Flake Free With Philosophy Kiss Me

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We all know how difficult it can be trying to keep your lips in tip top shape during the cold winter months. The constant chapping, cracking and peeling is enough to drive any lipstick lover batty! Insert Philosophy Kiss Me lip scrub. It’s just heaven in a tube. My lips behave so well when I use this little pink beauty!

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Sephora Express Cleansing Wipes Review

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I’ll admit. I’m not the most diligent person when it comes to removing my makeup at night. Sometimes it’s way too gorgeous to take off. Other times I’m just plain ol’ too lazy to be bothered with a full on skincare routine. Here’s where the Sephora Express Cleansing Wipes come into play. It’s like a cleanser and makeup remover wrapped into a cushiony soft wipe!
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Wash Day with Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser!

“I love washing my makep brushes!” Said no one ever. I really enjoy playing in makeup and getting all artsy and creative. But cleaning everything up afterwards? Pain in the butt! The only thing I dislike more than cleaning my vanity every other day (because vanities never remain clean, ever) is washing all those brushes. It’s so important to disinfect and wash your brushes regularly though!
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