Milani Fiery Coral Lip Intense Review

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Yes, even more Milani! Milani has always been one of my favorite drugstore brands so it’s become a go to brand during my MAC break. Since I first started seeing pictures of the new Spring collection I knew I wanted to try the new Lip Intense liquid lip colors. The color range is limited but I love all of the colors!

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NARS Matte Multiples for Spring 2014

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The new NARS Matte Multiples have the beauty world all abuzz these days! I can’t believe I’m just now posting about them because I’ve been stalking blogs for swatches and reviews all week. These things are seriously beautiful! I’m already a fan of the shimmer overload Multiples but I’m very curious to try out these new matte shades. They’re already available online and in store at Sephora so no waiting here! Plus, they’re permanent so no worries about limited stock or sold out signs either. I’ve been a bit under the weather lately but the second this icky cold breaks I’ll be hauling my butt to Sephora to pick up a few shades. Check them out!

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More Milani Color Statement Lipsticks!

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I haven’t been able to get enough of Milani lippies lately! They’re so creamy and pigmented. I just had to grab a few more of the Color Statement Lipsticks! Last time, I grabbed a few darker, winter shades but spring will be creeping around the corner soon so I opted for some lighter pinks and a purple, of course. Take a look!

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Maybelline Hibiscus Haven Color Elixir Review

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Matte lips have been dominating my stash since fall but now that we’re getting closer to spring I’m dying for some lighter textures and brighter colors! I haven’t been much of a gloss girl lately but the Maybelline Color Elixir glosses are really rocking my world! Hibiscus Haven was the first shade I tried and less than a week later I already own 3 more. That’s how good this formula is!
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Manicure Monday!

Happy Manicure Monday! I know this isn’t the best day of the week but I hope everyone is enjoying the day anyway! I’m still under the weather but I wanted to get out of the house and pamper myself a bit with a nail appointment. I recently picked up the Milani Cupid’s Touch polish and couldn’t wait to use it! It’s a pinky lavender shade that’s just so girly and cute! I asked my nail tech to give me a trim since my nails have been growing like crazy lately and he made them super sharp. I always love the razor sharp look on others but I’m just so clumsy! With my more rounded tips I was still poking holes in some of my clothes. I’m a little nervous of what damage I might do duty these things lol. Hopefully, I’ll get used to them soon! What’s on your nails this week?

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Look of the Night

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One of my New Year resolutions was to start posting more looks on my blog so it’s time to start delivering! I created this look a couple of weeks ago while heading out to a family dinner but I would still like to share it with you guys. It was very easy to create!

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Beauty Blender Solid Sponge Cleanser Review

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Remember that mountain of brushes I cleaned just last week? Well after a weekend gig I’ve racked up another pile of dirty brushes in desperate need of a little TLC. Bleh. Of course, I wasn’t looking forward to the chore at all! However, the Beauty Blender Solid Sponge Cleanser has been making things so much easier. Take a look!
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Maybelline Truffle Tease Color Sensational Lipstick Review

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I’m more of a bright lip kind of gal but that has never stopped me from hoarding nudes too. I may not opt for a nude lip often but I think finding the perfect nude is so important! You never know when you’ll want to super smoke those eyes so it’s nice to have a good nude lip ready to balance the look, right? I wouldn’t call Truffle Tease my perfect nude lipstick but it comes pretty close!
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Keep Your Kissers Flake Free With Philosophy Kiss Me

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We all know how difficult it can be trying to keep your lips in tip top shape during the cold winter months. The constant chapping, cracking and peeling is enough to drive any lipstick lover batty! Insert Philosophy Kiss Me lip scrub. It’s just heaven in a tube. My lips behave so well when I use this little pink beauty!

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